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Hearing Care in Scarborough

Our hearing is very important to our overall quality of life.


We use it all the time at work, at home and in our social life. When it starts to get worse, it can be incredibly frustrating and hard to know what to do.


Many hearing problems can be easily resolved, so it's important not to panic. Enrolling in the Free Hearing Test is the first step to regaining confidence in your hearing. Our audiologist is passionate about helping people regain their lost hearing and diagnosing the cause of earwax build-up or other concerns

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Our Audiologist:

Ashleigh Cappleman

Ashleigh Cappleman Audiologist

After working in the optical industry for 5 years, Ashleigh naturally progressed into the field of audiology. Completing her degree in hearing aid audiology and excelling in finding empathy for my patients. Ashleigh also found that helping people helps enormously with personal growth.


In her spare time Ashleigh looks after her young family, spending a lot of their time outdoors with their dog.

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Earwax removal in Scarborough

The most common cause of hearing loss is a buildup of wax in the ear canal. This problem is easy to fix and our hearing care service offers micro-suction to remove earwax quickly and painlessly.


Annual treatments can be very helpful if you wear hearing aids or are prone to earwax build-up.

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